Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Two Point Perspective

Hi! I'm sorry for not posting this yesterday, but my computer suddenly refused to let me add a photo here... Well, well, today I got my grade for it too (so soon!), and as you see in the evaluation paper, and based on that the grades are 1-6 where 6 is the best (for those of you who don't speak Norwegian), I must say I have a good reason to say I now officially happy :D Now I'll go to the ballet with Vilje, and try out my new ballet outfit for the first time!


Monday, 25 February 2013


Tomorrow I'm handing in an architecture project with two-point-perspective. We could choose between drawing and building a model house - I drew, of course! :D I can scan it and post it tomorrow, I guess...Do you like this photo, by the way? :o

Monday, 18 February 2013

Getting ready

Today I've been washing the stairway (which is my job), and now I'm packing to go visit my grandmother :) I wish everyone a lovely day, and for all my friends - ha en fin vinterferie!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Makeover & photo shoot! :D

Last week my mom got called by a makeover studio that offered us free makeover and photo shoot  and with no commitment to buy the pictures! (Of course, the whole point for them is: you kind of have to buy some when you've already spent, like, three hours to dress up for it...) It was a lot of fun! My mom hates her own look, and she'd kill me if I shared any of the photos of her, but here's one of me :p

It was a bit awkward at first, and it felt weird when we were told exactly how to pose, but it turned out...well...not to bad, right?

Love ya, MR :)

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Felt like baking

I love cooking and baking. Today a bag of flour caught my eye, and I instantly wanted to bake. I hardly ever use recipes, so it's always a thrill to see - and taste - the results.


Friday, 15 February 2013

Lino print and more...

Hey, guys!
I'm so, so happy! Yesterday all we did at school was art & craft from 9.00 to 11.15 am, to work with a big project we've got. We can choose to do whatever we want, to go deeper into our own specialty. I've chosen the theme "dance", and I'll solve the task with three products: a photo of someone dancing - hopefully Vilje, my friend, if I manage to force her, a painting version of the abstract drawing I've posted here earlier (with all the different colors), I'm going to make it H-U-G-E! Then there'll be a drawing of a ballerina. Have anyone got some tips for me about how i can do this??
We also got our grades back for the lino prints - I got an A! YES :P :D!
I've spend the day so far writing a poem about life and death - it was a home task, since we didn't have school today - and taking pictures to fit with it. Here's an edited photo of Vilje's hand.


Monday, 11 February 2013

New song

Hey, you! For the third and last time we practice for oral exams in school. This time I got Norwegian, were I'm to compare two texts and talk about different periods of literature, and I'm not motivated at all. I've written about one page on Word of my task, really wanting to do other things, like listening to Bon Iver, watching TV, and - writing a song <3

I am a brick on the wall
The old brick wall you walk past every day, fearing it will fall
But I make sure we will never fall on you
Cause I watch after you

The other bricks, they can't take it anymore, but I don't need your pity
They keep pushing to the floor, they kick me and they hit me
And every time I see you I do my best to keep us up
But I can't make them stop

And I don't need a reason to do what I'm doing
But deep in your red eyes, behind the evil, I see your soul, weak and thin
You're pure like water to me, I overlook your crimes
Though you've hurt me to many times

- MR -

Sunday, 10 February 2013

The ocean made of air

Here are some more photos from the trip to Teide. Notice that what looks like the ocean on the 8th one is really the mass of clouds! I think we were approximately 2000 meters above the sea level there. We got to Teide, like, an hour too late to take the cable car all the way to the top. That annoyed me for a while, but I appreciate that the journey in it self was such an amazing experience.

Now, this was actually quite scary - you can clearly see the wall of clouds that we were driving towards. Trust me, on its worst we could hardly see anything in there.

On the way to Teide

Teide is the tallest mountain on Tenerife, and on the way there from Puerto de la Cruz, there is some great nature, and fascinatingly placed roads.

- MR

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sharks :P

Just looking through my pictures from Tenerife again...Look foreword to a stream of random pics during the next days...

- MR

Friday, 8 February 2013

'Tain't no sin... take of your skin, and dance around in your bones.

I promised you, didn't I? Now I must get ready, I'm going to the scout cabin after bowling with the other scouts :) 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Summer never dies

There is a Norwegian song called "Sommerfugl i vinterland" (Butterfly in winter-land), which has been quite popular for a period after a well known artist named Vinni covered it. I just remembered this after what happened today:

We went out skiing today with my class, learning some techniques and trying not to fall all the time (I failed that part, as always. Once I fell because of high speed combined with an unexpected turn, and landed with my ski pole in my face, so now I've got a duck face on my left side, while my right side is pretty normal, and for a while it hurt to smile, ha ha.)
     Back to the point: there, now, in February, in NORWAY, laying in the snow, was a poor, frozen, but alive butterfly! It must have been living inside a warm(er) tree or something, cause I really do not know how else it could have gotten there.

To add something creative here, I am working with a drawing of a skull, actually, and I suppose it'll be done tomorrow :P

- MR