Monday, 19 August 2013

First day at school

Today was the first day at my new school! It was a short day - two hours of learning names and getting info - and I spent my time after mostly playing guitar. The second picture here, by the way, is of the creepy spider my mom found in the bath tub a couple of days ago...YUCK!


Sunday, 18 August 2013


In fear of ruining it if I try to make it better (which happens way too often) I'll call this a finished drawing, and hand it to my friend later today. I don't think she's seen it yet, so I'm very excited to see what she thinks! Now I'm listening to Arctic Monkeys' If You Where There, Beware from their album, Favourite Worst Nightmare - love it! :)

Still drawing the portrait

This is how far I've come on the drawing of Vilje and Niall :)


Friday, 16 August 2013

There you go!

I got my answer, but by this time I've come a little further. Here are three updates, including the first sketch, so I hope you like it!


Back to work...

Hello! I've been in Sunndalsøra with my dad's family for a couple of weeks, unable to post anything on the blog, but I have drawn some there too (the picture below) ! Now summer's almost over, and school starts at Monday, so from now on I'll mostly be at home, drawing and blogging ;) In this moment, actually, I'm working on the portrait of my friend Vilje and Niall Horan  - did I mention that before? - and now I'm waiting for her answering to get permission to post the drawing :) I'm sure you'll get to see it soon!