Saturday, 28 September 2013

'Fear' (and soup...)

Hello! Here you've got my painting! I have some details to work out with the drawn version, so that'll come later. The second picture, though, is of my spinach soup that I had for dinner yesterday. I just HAD to show it to you, cause I really think it tasted like heaven!

Spinach soup (one person):

1 potato
A handful of cabbage
3 handfuls of spinach
Some olive oil
Salt, citric pepper and rosemary

Boil it all in 2 deciliters of water (add the spinach at last - it doesn't need as much time) until the vegetables are soft, and mix it with a hand mixer or a mix master. Then add:

2 deciliters milk
1 topped teaspoon of flower
30 g butter
Pepper (I used a mix including chili)
More salt if you need... :P

And some truffle oil in the end ;) Enjoy!